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Google Art and Culture

With the increasing trend of the internet not only services, products, ideas, messages and so on are exchanged online but Google has taken a step forward to exchange culture, arts and places all around the world in a single platform – Google Arts & Culture. The link to the website and mobile application download can be found at the end of this blog.

What is Google Art and Culture?

Google Arts & Culture is an amazing web application or platform using which you can view high-resolution pictures and video graphics related to different artist and their work and also you can find about cultural artifacts from associated partner cultural organization from all over the world. This platform provides services that enables the public to get access to free virtual tours of galleries, artwork, places and also helps people to get to and explore the related physical and contextual information.

What does Google Art and Culture features?


  • Tours

It features places, for instance 8 wonders of the worlds, which you can access from your phone or computer and have a tour of them. It also provides you with the virtual tour of some of the museums around the world. Even though you cannot visit the place physically from your phone or computer – you will provided with the physical and contextual information that the people receive while they are present in those places physically.














  • Games

One of the games it features is “What came first?” – In this game you will be given two photos and you need to select which one was made in the world first and you get points accordingly. If you guessed wrong three times you will loose the game. More games are going to be released soon in the application. Also you can share your scores to your social media.



digital art in tablet

  • Get Creative With Coloring

There is a feature that enables you to be able to color some the paintings virtually, isn’t that interesting? And after you have colored the art you can share it in social media platforms and also you can download in in your device.



girl taking a selfie










  • Art Selfie

There is a feature of art selfie – which is only available in mobile devices, both Android and iOs. You need to take and selfie and using that you will be able to explore the similar kinds of arts to your selfie. You need to install application for this, the link of the application is provided at the end of this blogpost.


zoom text scrablle

  • Zoom In Feature

Using this feature you can zoom in and out in different artworks, painting and masterpieces of all time. When you are inside zoom in feature you can view it in augmented reality or in street view. In street view, you get to see the artworks inside the museum where it is placed and explore other artworks of the museum by going around it in a virtual tour. The details of the artworks and the  artists can also be found while viewing them.

These are some of the common features that you can find about the art and culture in the application but there is more to explore such as artist lives, city guides, art recreation, out of the world – space stories and so on. Similarly, you can also search and explore art by location, color, resolutions and size, explore art in virtual reality, explore by time, 3D, artists, and also explore cultures such as iconic figures, cultural heritage, amazing destinations, food, fashion around the world with few clicks.

Link to the Google Culture and Arts: Google Arts & Culture

The application is available for android and iOs.
Android Application Play Store Link: Play Store – Google Arts & Culture
iOS App Store Link: App Store – Google Arts & Culture

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