silhouette of a women

Photo by John Hernandez on Unsplash

(A poem to remind you that hero are human too)


She was praised by all in the town 

had a smile that seems like it wanted to frown.

I want to reach out to her and  pat her head,

but the more I get closer the farther she gets.

She’s taking in all the darkness for the people she never knew,

I wonder why she’s trying so hard when she only knows a few.

She got her own life to save from the drowning boat of sadness,

her loss is nothing for the town because saving others is fairness.

Finally today I can shake her hand as she soothes my pain for me,

But I will take my chance asking why she was hiding in that dark sea.

Before she could speak anything the town called her again,

Looks like she wanted to answer as I reminiscence the moment praying amen. 

I wonder why she’s in that dark sea when she could ask for help,

Then I recall the fact that for this town saving others is the only path built. 

Why was she in this phase, where no cannot be form of any correct answers

the town replies, “no can be answer only for villains”;  as if they understood the characters. 

I was in utter shock, seeing how selfish and heartless the town can be 

so I pretended to drown again and hijacked to rescue her from the dark sea.

She followed me through the crooked highway whilst we are holding hands 

This time I will not ask her anything instead I will just embrace her in my arms. 

She cried as she screamed with tears why it was her the hero for all, 

She asked why she never helped herself when she’s there for every calls. 

All I said was I will be her hero from here on out all she needs to do  is look out for herself,

Then she laughs and says,” that’s what brought me into this grave.” 

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