How is it going? – A poem by Aashutosh Sapkota

big glowing question mark in the wall

A question but momentary,
defined but not necessary.

Agreed but not mandatory,
lived but nit satisfactory.
A question, how is it going?

ended, but not complete,
hungry, but not in the mood to eat.

drowned, but breathing.
crowned, but powerless.

hyped, but audience-less,
cracked, but beautiful.

unquestioned, unanswered, unrevealed,
a random guess, an assumption,
A question, how is it going?

dried, but still glooming,
spoiled, but still pure.

walked, but still undiscovered,
talked but mysterious.

respected, but still rejected,
found, but still lost.

granted, but still taken,
A question that is eternal.
How is it going?
Yeah, tell me, how is it going?

Cover Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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