Sir Alex Ferguson : Never Give In

Photo Credit : Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

Football is unpredictable. Unlike majority of other sports, playing extremely well doesn’t guarantee that you will win. This may give you an idea on the profession of a football manager who is expected to make his team win. It gets more interesting. Even if you are victorious for a hundred games  people will only remember if you really won something(a.k.a. trophies).

Although my knowledge of football has increased substantially since 2018 FIFA world cup, I only remembered Ferguson as an Manchester United coach who’d won 13 premier league titles( the top level of the English football league system) among other numerous trophies. It is a mind boggling stat and certainly not a normal one.

Until recently I used to believe that a coach can only teach their philosophy to the players and win games using their tactics. But after watching the documentary I’ve realized that there are many variables in being a successful football manager, and much more in being a legendary one.

It’s a long and tedious process for any person, from instilling a winning mentality in the team to actually winning trophies, from scouting young players to making them legends, from promising beautiful football to the fans to giving them unforgettable memories, from balancing your personal and professional life to influencing the life of countless people.

It’s fair to say that Sir Alex did all of them. He started a dynasty and established Manchester United as the most successful club in England. From his playing career to his coaching days his NEVER GIVE IN mentality contributed massively to his achievements. It’s hard to believe how one man can have so much impact at a football club and an entire country let alone on the whole footballing hemisphere.

I would highly recommend you to give this a go even if you are not a football fan. The greatest British manager recalls his journey in this epic documentary which will not only give you goosebumps but also change or rather improve your perspective on life.

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