The Gream Project : The Dream of Collecting and Managing Waste

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The Gream Project is an environmental project that aims to connect waste takers and waste givers instantly so that every waste is Recycled and Reused .We dream of making our city and country one of the greenest and cleanest in Nepal. Through this project we stand against the orthodox practice of waste management in our country, and we aim to provide respect to all the sanitation workers who work tirelessly, day and night, to make our environment cleaner and greener.

How did it all start?

The Gream project came into existence during the lockdown last year when most of the people in our society were stuck at their homes. The founding members of this project went on to establish it after assessing the waste management system of most of the cities in Nepal. They found out the system to be extremely fragile and mismanaged. Hence, The Gream project came into existence with the aim to transform the orthodox system of waste management.

Problems/Challenges Faced

The major problems faced by us throughout this project has been working in field and coordinating our team members. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is really hard for us to coordinate physical activities in order to protect all of us.

What are they working on currently?

Currently we are finalizing the prototype of our project so that during the time of its lauch, we donot encounter different problems. In the past, we have initiated our podcast where we talked about environmental issues and its implications. We also organized an online speech competition with the theme of environment so as to encourage more teenagers to indulge into meaningful dialogues. We are also planning to organize physical events through our project in kathmandu and Biratnagar so as to amplify the impact of our activities.

The Gream Project Message to Nepali Youth Entrepreneurs

The hardest part of starting a venture is during its initial phases. We want every youths and teenager to realize that team work is what makes a dream work. In pursuing our dreams as a project or a venture, it’s inevitable to face major challenges and problems. But being ambitious and optimistic even in those times is what propels us to achieve what we want to desire.



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