The Trap of Toxic Productivity

We have seen those motivational videos on YouTube that urges us to make the most of our time. There are no shortage of techniques to be productive such as the Pomodoro technique, making a to-do list and so on. From students trying to prepare for their exams to entrepreneurs building their start-ups, everybody wants to make their day effective to achieve their goals faster.

Toxic productivity is basically an unhealthy tendency to be productive at all times, at all cost. But in our attempt to go the “extra mile” we often overlook the most important requirement to have a good life, a healthy mind and body. When we are engulfed in the trenches of toxic productivity we fail to realize that life can’t be measured only in the terms of what you  do or don’t do. We start to measure your day according to the tasks we completed rather than what we learned and what we accomplished. Even after completing our tasks for the day we are looking to fill in the void by doing something whether that be learning a new language or mastering a new skill. Instead of using that free time to work on ourselves we feel guilty for supposedly wasting our time instead of utilizing it. Late nights and early mornings are treated as absolute prerequisite to success.”

If you are not working twice as hard as everyone how can you expect to gain twice as much.” This is the mindset that the present generation are encouraged to have. Although there is nothing wrong with utilizing our time we must not forget that we aren’t robots. Our goals and ambition are important but not more than our wellbeing. We must learn to balance our work life and personal life to rest, recharge and restore ourselves. This enables us to be in our best state, physically, mentally and spiritually which will help us to achieve our goals as well as enjoy our life.

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