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Veda App

Veda App is an innovative education platform and a top Edutech product. Also, it is a leading platform that is creating better educational advancements in the country.

Education is one of the fields that has least use of technology in Nepal. These highly motivated youngsters want to change it and so they introduced Veda App.

Nearly 700 schools in Nepal use Veda App for conducting online classes and for daily school management.

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According to UIS, there are more than 35000 private and community schools in Nepal. Unfortunately, most of the schools do not have access to technological advancements while some are unaware of how to use it.


The Early Days

Nirdesh Dwa, Sanjan Piya, and Sujit Pathak started Ingrails Pvt. Ltd. in 2016. One of the problems they faced at an early stage was the resistance of the education community in Nepal to change.  However, Veda App changed their fixed mindset over time and made them realize the benefits of technology in education.

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Co-founder Nirdesh Dwa says, “At Ingrails, we move towards the sole goal of advancing education with the use of technology. Similarly, we envision a better way of educating and a better way of learning. We are working to make education accessible to all, designing a better approach and future to education. We are striving to deliver more, not just in Nepal but beyond the physical boundaries.

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