What are the sectors you get job after learning python?

python programming language

Python has been a great programming language till now and programmers do see a greater scope in it in coming future.

But many people wants to know what is the career path when I have become a python programmer. It is an obvious question as there are pretty a lot of options other than Python programming to take over in the market.

Python has its reach over tons of libraries that makes jobs to get done easily therefore a lot of people become python lovers.

So, what is the python career path.

Let us deal it with point-wise.

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Data Analyst or Data Scientist

There is a good news and a bad news here.

First, the good news – many large companies hire data analysts who are capable to go through huge sets of data and provide very useful insights because these companies need Python Libraries to make sense of their large quantities of data in a very fast and effective way.

Now the bad news, just by having Python Programming skills you cannot become a data scientist or an expert analyst.

For being an expert analyst or scientist you need to go through the years of study of how data behave and how can we manage them. But if you have only python skills – then you need to work with another analyst or data scientist who can give you an idea how to work with the data and later you can create algorithms of your own utilizing wonderful Python Libraries.
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning itself is a subset of AI. In machine learning we study algorithms and help them improve themselves.The day you drift yourself into Machine Learning and AI, there will be need of a programming language that gives you stability, flexibility and support. Well the good news, python satisfies all these needs and has a lot more to offer if you are willing to get passionate about AI and Machine Learning.


browser, webserver and database

Back-End Web Developer

Web development is an another part of the digital world that requires programming.

After the invention of the Internet people started solving problems for many purposes online but those problem solving required programming skills and we needed back-end developers for web. These back end developers are there to deliver the data/services requested by every front end user system without any flaw.

Back-end developers are responsible to create and maintain the application logic, APIs, database connections and other processes. Python has frameworks such as Django, Flask, Web2py, CubicWeb and so on which allows developers to create web applications.


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Software Engineer/Developer

Although Python is not the most famous for this purpose but talking of programming – still it is considered the famous one. A lot of references still say that arguably Python is most used by software developers.

Nevertheless, talking of what you can create as python developers is amazing – as it comprises of huge sorts of applications and which can be made work from many platforms.

Meaning – High Productivity & Cross-Platforms Applications



statistics and data analysis

Financial Services Tech Job

The new age has also opportunities for the programmers to work in financial industry. It industries need a lot of applications to manage data, predict score and analyze the situation.

However it must be considered that programmers in this sector will work in an interdisciplinary environment where there is a side by side hustle with economists, mathematician and various other experts.



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Fields related to Math, Science and Medicine

Non-IT development and analysis that is what is Python famous for. It means using Python you can build almost anything.
Many non-IT companies need python to solve their data and analysis problems. Python is a programming tool which is really handy to tackle out simple to complex numerical analysis. And the fact, that Python is an efficacious language in terms of processing text data – supports these sort of analysis calculations a lot.

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